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Advantages of flex recruitment

Employee flexibility

Temporary professionals can meet both your long-term and short-term needs, in this way you can respond more easily to fluctuating workloads. By supporting your permanent teams with flex workers you can prevent the continuous redistribution of work between employees, and improve its efficiency.And in an increasingly project-based economy, you can hire professionals with specific skills only for the period that you need them.

Financial flexibility

You can easily manage your budgets because all costs are known in advance. Monthly invoicing spreads the costs. You only pay for what you need.

Immediate availability

Flex professionals are immediately available to meet your needs. It is therefore necessary to work with a reliable partner like SPR, who helps your organization to find the most suitable people, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Try-out period for permanent hiring

Flex recruitment is also a great try-out period, before a permanent role is offered to the candidate. The candidate has proven its value, which will reduce risks for your company.

Working with experts

Last year we placed over 500 employees in temporary assignments all over Europe. Moreover, we have a broad experience in flex recruitment; more than 50% of the total positions that we fill globally are temporary assignments. SPR has access to a large number of professionals who can suit your requirements. This allows us to quickly meet your request so you can continue with doing business as usual.

Easy administration

You won’t be bothered with administration, saving you time and money. Think of references, reimbursements, onboarding and offboarding; all of this we take care of.

Risk reduction

Every candidate that we introduce to you has submitted original documents to SPR, such as ID, possible work permit, as well as any professional qualifications that they possess. We are also experts in labor legislation and contracts, we can provide you with all the advice you need with regard to compliance.

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